Corporate Videoconferences

Provide a platform in the cloud for the face-to-face and remote celebration of all types of meetings with legal validity.
It allows to hold consultations during a certain period of time,
sending informative circulars and holding meetings with an unlimited number of users, being able to automate processes.
Automates processes and facilitates organization within the current legal framework among many other benefits.


Facilitates the coordination and celebration of the meetings of government bodies.


Adapted to your mobility and information availability needs.

Legal validity

A secure legal environment where the counselors develop their functions.

Digital transformation

Automates tasks by automatically creating the required documentation.

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The tool allows to generate evidences of proof of the content and agreements guaranteeing the immutability of the information thanks to the use of Blockchain technology.

Main features

  • It allows to hold consultations (for / against or personalized) during a certain period of time.
  • Allows the sending of informative circulars.
  • It allows meetings to be held with an unlimited number of users (government meetings, ordinary and extraordinary assemblies, committees, etc.), being able to automate processes.

Process automation like...

  • Storage and differentiation by census of the personal data of the summoned.
  • Announcement, Quorum calculation, Administration of the delegated vote, Calculation of voting results and generation of the minutes in real time.
  • Generation of evidence of proof, possibility of full or partial recording of the meetings, sending of the minutes and access control protected by passwords.

Main benefits

  • Reduction of the bureaucratic load of the work team and administrative costs.
  • Minimizes the risk of challenges and blockages of agreements due to bureaucratic, legal or deadline errors.
  • Facilitates compliance with legislation.
  • Automatic management of the call and confirmation of attendance of the participants for the reduction of the logistics costs of the meetings, costs of attendees’ movements, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Automatic management of the delegated vote and automatic calculation of the majority regimes for making agreements.
  • Strengthening legal security by using a tool that allows the traceability of the formation of the will in decision making and agreements.
  • It facilitates the supervision and audit work of the organization’s compliance officer.