Document Management Tools

Provide technical and technological tools to program partners.

These tools help to ease the management of documents and allow the service to strengthen, improve or develop the implementation of records and library collection management.

Records Management

Records management is a term associated to archive documents and management documents (internal documents used for daily work).

It consists of controlling in an efficient and systematic way through the combination of techniques and archival tools, the vital cycle of internal documents produced or received by olympic committee.

Library Collection Management

Library Collection Management consists of a planning and composition of the physical collections and/ or electronic in a library through library- based techniques.

Likewise, it includes the management of the users of these collections and the services that derive from them, all with the purpose of serving the specific objectives of the committee.

Why they are necessary?

The amount of information generated at a present Olympic Committee increases exponentially, old systems of storage have many lacks and paper and electronic formats go on separate ways. For the Olympic Committees the need of organizing that information is an important factor for their success.

Manage your Committee’s documentation using TechnologyControl the life cycle of your documents.

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Present digital world demands from the committees a digital transformation

that allows a management of the information in an efficient and effective way, as well as promoting the productivity.

Main Features

  • Selection policy, acquisition and expurgation of the funds and suppliers policy.
  • Budget control
  • Cataloguing, classification and indexation.
  • Material treatment of the documents, evaluation and use of the collections.
  • Preservation and conservation of all kinds of materials policies.

What advantages does have for members of CONPaaS?

  • Count on a powerful software of document management and librarian management.
  • Get support to improve or design efficient document management systems and librarian systems.
  • Availability of a task factory.
  • Get document support and formation.
  • Availability of instruments and archival models and control and description librarians (classification , thesaurus, medals, system of classification of librarian management, etc)

More Advantages

  • Access to examples of documents  (manual, processes, guides and formats)
  • Manage documents in an automated way
  • Save of time and effort
  • Know and share the best practices.
  • Access to documentation at any time and from everywhere.
  • Use powerful tools of document search.
  • Optimize processes and workflow of the employees.