About CONPaaS

Our Vision: Build an IT Platform for Unified Management for NOCs

With the economic support of Olympic Solidarity and the collaboration of the NOC participant to the project, CONPaaS was created for the democratization of the common and accessible services for all the NOC, whatever its size, technical, economic or human capacity.

After the Seminar, the participants reached the agree to find innovative solutions in order to solve integral IT problematics common to all the NOCs.

Platform as a Service (as web, App, database Servers, services to users and others middleware, with security mechanism associated) where it is possible build App based in web services.


The TIC Seminar, held in the Spanish Olympic Committee headquarter in September 2015, counted with the attendance of 58 technical delegated from 27 NOC of Spanish and Portuguese speaking languages. During the Seminar the participants discussed about the common IT problems and their needs.


Offer Services to all the NOC based in 5 points: management application, documental and librarian management, corporate video conferencing, support and training to user.


Evolve the daily work of NOC employees into a service based in an integrated and common platform, built in the cloud with the standards of the actual technology.

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CONPaaS is not the idea of just one NOC

but the outcome of a collaborative work from the problems in the daily management and their solutions.


  • Industrialize the processes of management and maintenance of the environment using the best practices offered by technologies.
  • Optimize the resources invested in IT by reducing expenses.
  • Provide an information management system of the NOC, which allows the integration of new data sources and provide the security for information and communications.
  • Develop essential services for the management of organizations and for people related to the NOC, sport event, administrative tasks management of NOC and web of each NOC.

Benefits of joining CONPaaS

  • Gain in work efficiency of the NOC staff.
  • Optimize the resources of the Olympic Movement in order to share resources of high technological value, in a solidarity way.
  • Offer more and better information of the NOC.