Management Applications

Tools for a Unified Management of National Olympic Committees

Speed/ simplify the process of the management within an Olympic Committee with tools that cover all needs for an effective operational. Access to tools and developed processes as you are guided in the workday of the common operational within the Olympic world, all these within a platform in the cloud and an integration of blocks of information already existing in other systems or generated by third parties.

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    Organizational Management

    Every NOC will have their own profile management as well as a configuration of the governing bodies according to their statutes and the organizations with which they have a link with.

    Personnel Management

    Tools for the management and maintenance of the different personnel with the CON bodies according to the different roles, such as president, general secretary/manager, executives, athletes and officers.

    Sport Events Management

    Management of the correct organization and management of sport events, both Olympic and non- Olympic. Among others, functionalities for inscriptions, accommodation, trips, sport results, medals, hospitality and reports.

    Other Tasks

    Set of tools for the management of athletic scholarship or education grant, help for athletes, awards, communication tasks, such as news, RR.SS and multimedia, web portals and marketing campaigns.

    <b>Main</b> Features

    Every National Olympic Committee can configure their governing bodies, General Meeting, executive committee, commissions and so on, according to their statutes and defining the government agencies, election period and number of votes. Within the governing bodies, the hierarchy and the members will be defined.

    Other bodies for the organizational management are also defined, such as national and international federations and other bodies related to the CON, as the country´s government, sport press and other collectives related to sports.

    The platform will allow the CON the management of the sport events to which it is invited covering all the stages of the events, from the configuration of the event itself with the type of event and the different target dates set by every body (organizing committee, NOC…), sports, tests, calendars and facilities, as well as the athletes enrollment, shaping the long and ultimate list, together with the depuration of information of the enrolled.

    Moreover, the platform offers functionality to manage the mission from the changing room, accommodation and trips of the expedition, as well as the hospitality during the sport event. Finally, the platform is ready for the manual or automatic collect of the competition results and the generation of the medals, as well as the exportation to reports of the results, keeping a record of the assisted.

    Apart from the functionalities already described in this firs stage, other functionalities will be developed, such as:

    • Management of Athletes scholarship, considering the possibilities for them to be:
      • Athletic: To facilitate athletes their commitment to training and competition
      • Education: To facilitate athletes their educational formation
    • Management of help to athletes and officials
    • Management of awards from CON, for example Olympic´s order, Gold´s order, etc.
    • Management of an Athlete Care Office
    • Management of facilities managed by the CON: Sport and non-Sport
    • Management of non-sport events organized by the CON itself, such as, for example, introduction of equipment or any other activity, etc in which an enrollment, follow up of the attendees and communication with them is needed.
    Continental Associations
    Additional Territories
    National Olympic Committees

    Integration with 3rd parties

    Direct integration in CONPaaS architecture with third- party systems, such as:

    • IT services supplying companies in sport events for data transfer, long list, ultimate list, results between both parties.
    • Multimedia Services Supplier companies: Olympic Channel as the multimedia supplier for the Olympic movement.
    • Data of Results Supplier companies: Integration with the Sport Data Warehouse of Olympic Channel
    • Other supplier companies in our sector

    CONPaas will be independent enough to, in case there wasn´t an integration with third parties, keep the targets set by themselves in the management of the information.

    This platform will also be able to be used to integrate the solutions developed in CONPaaS with others that could make use of them.