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CONPaaS is funded by Olympic Solidarity and sponsored by IOC

This project began to set its bases in Spain in a meeting held in 2015 with the participating National Olympic Committees.


Value-added Resources

Management Applications

Technological solutions applied to olympic sport.

User Support

Built to empower your IT help desk.

CMS - Content Management System

Structured web environment to cover all the information needs of an already standardized Olympic Committee, with content based on online data.

Document and Bibliographic Management

We provide technical and technological tools to program partners that help facilitate the management of their documents and allow them to consolidate, improve or develop documentary and bibliographic management practices.

Corporate Videoconferences

Online and face-to-face corporate meetings with legal validity.

and more...

Training products, tools and methodologies to support training in the field of sports.

PaaS, Platform as a Service

This type of architecture facilitates a suitable environment given its flexibility; the adaptability and mobility, so you have access to the platform from any device just by connecting to the Internet.

The most collaborativeunifiedinnovatedconsolidated IT project created by 22 Olympics Nationals Committees

Promoted by Olympic Solidarity

Recent News

The Spanish and Libyan Olympic Committees sign a collaboration agreement

Today, February 27, 2019, the president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco and the president of the Libyan...

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The British Olympic Committee is interested in the CONPaaS program

The Director of Technologies of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Manuel Pastrana; and his counterpart in Human Resources and Marketing,...

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Olympic Committees from three continents seal the CONPaaS Project

The COE and 27 National Olympic Committees of three continents have sealed today, after a videoconference directed from Spain...

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